The Company


SENERS is among the first companies in the Greek energy-systems market and is dedicated to photovoltaic systems for various applications.
SENERS was established in 1995 by the Electronic Engineer, Manolis Soursos, who serves as CEO of the company from its establishment until today. Mr. Soursos possesses rich experience in photovoltaics research, silicon semiconductors for PV materials, PV generators and photovoltaic applications since 1981 in North America. In 1986, he was Technical Advisor and Head of Division for RES development and promotion of PV systems for various applications in the company TUDOR Greek SA, subsidiary of the Finnish group NESTE OY.
The backbone of the existence and development of SENERS from the beginning of its operation is the quality and timeless reliability of its PV projects. SENERS rationale is not just to undertake projects, but also to be trusted by its customers and to support their requirements. Thus:

  • Projects such as the PV system (1996) at the 50-bed hotel “Elounda Island Villas” and the interconnected PV system (1997) at the 5th High School of Nikea, have been included and reported in the EU Renewable Energy: Best Practice Projects Yearbook.
  • It is certified with ISO 9001: 2008 for Design, Installation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic projects since 2004.
  • PV projects undertaken by SENERS as EPC are certified since 2009 by the independent accredited body TUV, in terms of design, quality, construction, technical competence and compliance with the European standards. Hence the investor is aware of the quality and the reliability of the investment over the time. {See EPC Certificates}.
  • Since January 2014, PV projects of SENERS are certified by TUV, with respect to the Annual Inspection - Maintenance & Repairs. Thus, SENERS upgrades continuously its services so that they meet the basic EU standard EN 62446: 2009 as well as the sub ones.