Having built in 2008 in collaboration with Mr. Manolis Soyrso, the first certified PV 100kw station in the country and then six other photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of 715 kWp, certified as to harmonise them with all the international standards, with top performance and trouble free operation, the assignment in the semers of periodic inspection and maintenance of our facilities was about us ZARAX Energiaki S.a. the natural evolution of an already successful cooperation.

The same criteria used for selecting EPC contractor during the construction phase of projects, i.e. the scientific expertise, technical competence, experience, honesty and consistency have led us to choose the semers and for the O & M of photovoltaic power stations.

In spite of all attempts to undermine and obsolescence, the investment in photovoltaic power generation will be successful If a) ensure constant performance over time, b) avoid losses and damage that may in time be predicted or diagnosed (especially in a new investment, non-tested technology such as photovoltaic) and (c)) meet the technical conditions for the insurance cover unforeseen risks, which always lurk in an outdoor installation purely technological nature.

In addition, current conditions in the global solar market, which after a decade of boom entered a period of consolidation and reconstruction with acquisitions, mergers and bankruptcies and the future of the largest manufacturers of solar equipment to be uncertain, the observance of safeguards in depth becomes at least quarter doubtful for investors. For us, the certified maintenance of our facilities and the technical reports of semers, have already been resolute in arguments against the claim of our rights from materials and performance guarantees.

Through our partnership with a trusted and certified partner like Mr semers Soyrsoy, not only we shield existing investments, but we are preparing for the new investment opportunities that will soon emerge as additional PV technologies.

Konstantinos Batsakis
Economist – Athens University of Economics and Business (A.U.E.B)