In 2006, after passing of Law 3468 and seeking a new territory of business activity, I started to explore the area of renewable energy sources and especially the sector of photovoltaic systems. One of the first contacts that I had with the few companies in the industry was with Mr. Soursos of semers Company which was the starting point of my dealing with the specific subject.

From the early stages of the licensing procedure until the implementation of the first project, which came into operation in May 2009, the assistance of Mr. Soursos and his colleagues was invaluable in troubleshooting an unclear legal framework and many other bureaucratic obstacles.

Since then we have completed the construction and interconnection of four even terrestrial PV stations and a roof system, within the framework of a sincere and trouble-free cooperation, which continues to exist today for projects under development.

The deep scientific knowledge of Mr. Soursos and the long experience of semers Company in the construction of stand-alone photovoltaic systems, much more demanding in reliability and durability due to operating conditions and supporting the project, are a guarantee for the design and construction of PV plants that take advantage of the full potential of quality materials, ensuring high performance and durability in time.

Moreover, I am sure that the excellent technical support is assured in the future, by a company based on personal relationship with the investor and undertakes projects that can be managed with competence and responsibility.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation.

Konstantinos Batsakis