A proverb says that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. A good partner is always there in tough times. I have built with my relatives two parks of 100kw each in Achaia, with EPC the semers Company. In one of the parks, a lightning struck and destroyed part of the PPC substation as well as its meter. The park remained intact due to the proper lightning protection that it had and continued to diffuse its energy in the network, without being recorded by the electricity meter of PPC. With the support of semers Company, PPC accepted and included in the invoice all that energy which had been disseminated in the network without being recorded in the system. In the second park there was an incident in the wiring. The insurance company dismissed the request twice. With the scientific and technical documentation of semers Company and as the park meets the international standards, the insurance fully accepted our request. I warmly thank semers Company for the excellent quality of the works that have constructed (meet all the standards proven) and the excellent technical support and maintenance of the parks that constantly provide me.

In a long-term investment of at least 20 years, the investor must think of constructing and maintaining a fully equipped plant complying with all the necessary standards. It is proved that semers Company supported me and still supports me and all my options as an investor in order to provide parks of great efficiency. It is assumed that in my new photovoltaic parks, semers Company, headed by Mr Soursos, will undertake the supply, construction and maintenance of the units.

Dr. Thomas Theodorakopoulos
Civil Engineer