O&M Services

The reliability of each investment is based on the excellence of equipment, trustworthy and robust design and the maintenance process as well. Especially, the PV infrastructure, the state-of-the art of renewable energies should wisely be maintained and in certain time periods.

This procedure leads to a profitable investment. Potential failure or extreme weather conditions, such as storms, hale storms, flashing etc., can seriously damage the PV plants, which are located in open fields. The neatly maintained PV park can offer the chance to the owner to claim compensation from the insurance companies.

Our company, Seners S.A. due to the competitive advantage of her know-how can offer a great range of services to PV plants. Especially, Seners S.A. follows the European prototypes of EN: 62446/2016 for the O&M process.

More explicitly:

After the aforementioned procedures, each investor receives a thorough technical report for the purpose of being informed over the real condition of his investment and the options to swift again to a well-operating mode.

A photovoltaic project that meets the standards and is regularly maintained on a standard basis, operates smoothly, produces no production losses, minimizes the chances of serious damage, complies with the equivalent guarantees of construction firms and is in good cooperation with insurance companies.