SPECIAL Measurements and checks as independent advisor for third parties PV projects

SENERS S.A., as a company with long term experience on PV projects and PV technology is certified as EPC from TUV HELLAS S.A & TUV AUSTRIA S.A. and as Ο&Μ, as well as on services such as Maintenance & Servicing, Monitoring. Trouble shootings, e.t.c. SENERS S.A undertake third parties’ PV projects for special technical assessments as independent advisor.

In these cases, on-site special measurements and checks are took place for the entire PV investment.

The measurements and investigations include PV modules & PV strings, inverters, substation, switch boards, wirings & loops, PV & wiring, RISO, lighting protection, groundings, design & installation of PV park, obstacles & shadowing, fences etc.These measurements & checks are according to SENERS experience and always according to European (E.U.) prototypes that applies to PV investments such as EN 62446:2009 & IEC 62305.

After the on- site measurements and checks, an analytical technical report is forwarding to the investor, that describes all findings. { reliability of PV park, equipment situations, possible design & installation lucks, phenomena on PV modules such as PID or LID, Snail trails, hot spots if exists, if PV park fulfil the E.U. prototypes, as well as the performance of the maintenance & servicing). The report also includes, thermographic photos of PV modules, IV characteristics of PV strings, RISO measurements and also possible RECOMMENTATIONS if needed, of what have to be done, in order the PV park to be reliable and to fulfil the E.U. prototypes. It is well known to everybody, that if a PV park fulfil the E.U. prototypes, is reliable and also have the insurance covers.

Such Special measurements and checks are asking mostly from groups of companies and banks. They want to know the exact situation of their investments after three and more years of operation and what have to do, in order to keep their investment reliable and maximize its productive life.