The net metering program gives the opportunity to any consumer of private or business sector to install photovoltaic system for auto-production – auto-consumption to greatly reduce the costs for electricity.
According to the net metering program, the PV system can be installed on roof, rooftop, pergola, or on ground in the plot. Even in an adjacent loft or plot.

The maximum permissible power of the PV system for dwellings in the interconnected network is 20 KWp while for businesses it reaches up to 50% of the agreed power with PPC, with a maximum limit of 500 kwp.

SENERS undertakes and offers integrated PV systems solutions for net metering, for individuals and businesses. It undertakes all procedural and delivery of the PV system with the turnkey (turn key solutions). All PV systems that are installed are always in accordance with European standards.

Within the framework of the net metering program, SENERS through a competitive process undertook the installation of PV systems in selected petrol stations of Hellenic Petroleum S.A.-ELPE. All these systems are received by the ELPE, after being tested and certified for the completeness of the standards by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS S.A.

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