New Certificate for P/V Park Maintenance & Repair

In the framework of the continuous improvement of the offered services Seners Company received a new certification for the Maintenance of a PV Park in Attica, by TUV Hellas.The Maintenance and Repair services (O&M) offered by Seners Company, were checked by the Certification Body, both according to Standard EN 62446 and with the internal procedures of the Body and found compliant with the corresponding European requirements.

Also the measurements, checks and repair work followed by Seners Company were successfully tested by the Inspectors of TUV Hellas during the Inspection Process. Having always a view to the quality of PV projects, Seners Company has chosen to be inspected by an independent body, on a sampling basis, and in combination with a 30-year experience exclusively in the field of Photovoltaic Systems, to continually upgrade its services to ensure that they are in line with International Standards. With this policy, investors can feel safe that their projects are monitored and maintained reliably, according to strict rules, while at the same time their returns are guaranteed.

In general, every PV project that meets the Standards and is maintained according to them has increased reliability and is in accordance with the usual requirements of Insurance Companies.

SENERS Certificates